Get yourself a competitive edge
Increased capacity with our flexible robots

ECO/Robot makes robot technology accessible to the overall industry. These robots can be operated without additional safeguards and deployed in any situations where conventional robots are too large, expensive, loud or inflexible.

Fast and easy. Thanks to its light weight of only 18kg, the lean design and the user-friendly software, your employees can implement the ECO/Robot quickly and without cumbrous setup or installation efforts in your production process. Your staff will even be able to independently program the ECO/Robot for new automation tasks.

The competitive price of the ECO/Robot enables a fast and easy entry into automation and to efficiently reduce the costs of goods sold. The costs of a robot arm are usually amortised after six to eight months.

Let the ECO/Robot do the hard, monotonous physical work. Use technology to improve the economic and human performance of your company.